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07090 Dental Office

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Teeth Whitening in 07090

The teeth whitening procedure at the practice of Kenneth W. Arida DDS is based on being simple, effective, and safe. You can get a more attractive smile in the comfort of your home, simply by wearing our comfortable take-home trays.

It’s not easy to maintain a white smile without a little help. Everyday items like coffee, tea, cola, and berries, among many others, are known to discolor and stain teeth. And at the top of the list is tobacco. Whether you smoke or vape, you may not want to quit, but you are most likely aware of the effect that the habit has on your teeth. Our 07090 dental office is dedicated to all aspects of your dental well-being, and that most certainly includes the color of your teeth so that you are proud to show your smile, and not self-conscious about it. You simply come in and get impressions taken, which are used to make your whitening trays to precision. You’ll be directed by our 07090 dental office to wear them for two or three hours each evening, but other than putting them in, there is nothing else you need do. The trays do the work. They release whitening agent that is strong enough to break down stains so that your white teeth begin to show through. It takes from a few days to a couple of weeks for most people to get the desired outcome. The changes are gradual, so it will seem like a natural progression, not a jarring immediate transformation. The results can be expected to last you for at least a year, and depending on how you maintain them, possibly up to a several years.

Say goodbye to your smile as it is now, and say hello to a more brilliant set of teeth. Call our 07090 dental office to schedule an appointment.

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