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Dental visits play an important role in maintaining good oral and general heath. A professional teeth-cleaning needs to be done on a regular basis to be effective. You should see our professional Westfield dentist, Kenneth W. Arida, DDS and hygienist at a quality practice like ours every six months for teeth cleanings.

Preventative care is the best kind of dental treatment. Preventing problems from happening the first place saves you time and money and helps to avoid dental procedures. Seeing your Westfield dentist and professional hygienist for a biannual check up and teeth-cleaning is an important part of preventative care and is crucial for your oral health. It’s ideal to prevent oral health problems from developing instead of having to spend time and money and to experience dental procedures that could have otherwise been prevented. Seeing a well-trained, experienced dentist and hygienist at a practice like Kenneth W. Arida, DDS on a regular basis allows for early detection of dental issues. Early diagnosis is the key to resolving the problems early. When dental issues are addressed quickly, it allows for a better outcome because it reduces the risk of conditions getting worse and from having to have costlier, possibly more invasive treatments to resolve them. If you see your dentist and he finds a minor cavity, he can drill and fill it right away, so it won’t get worse. Your dental hygienist also plays an important role in preventative care & should be seen every six months when you see the dentist. He or she will provide you with a very essential, professional dental cleaning. As you can see good oral hygiene and consistent dental appointments greatly contribute to your oral health.

If it’s been a while since your last dental visit, don’t hesitate. Contact our office right now to schedule your appointment with our Westfield dentist and hygienist for your checkup and teeth-cleaning.

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