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Dental Plaque in Westfield

Tooth decay results in cavities. And irritation, inflammation, and infection of your gums can cause a host of problems, up to and including the loss of teeth. All of those problems start with dental plaque, so trust in us at the practice of Kenneth W. Arida, DDS to look after your oral care and to help you avoid the effects of dental plaque.

Your diet is the source of this invisible, sticky bacterial substance. It’s like a film, and it is most evident when you wake up each morning. That sour taste that is commonly referred to as morning breath is due to dental plaque. It’s why you brush your teeth first thing. And that’s good, because the more frequently you brush your teeth, the less time there is for tooth decay to occur and for your gums to be affected. Our Westfield dentist office suggests that you brush your teeth after meals, and also before you go to sleep, in addition to when you wake up. Dislodge food particles and stubborn plaque between your teeth with a thorough flossing at bedtime, too. You may not get all of the dental plaque, because some can hide away, such as in gum pockets. Eventually, it will turn into hardened tartar, necessitating a professional teeth cleaning at our Westfield dentist office. In addition, any signs of early stage gum disease (gingivitis) are reversed thanks to a teeth cleaning every six months. At that same visit, a complete oral examination detects cavities so that they can be filled in a timely manner.

When you come to our Westfield dentist office, the goal is to address the results of dental plaque, as well as to make future consequences of it less likely. All we need is for you to contact us to arrange a time to come in.

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