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Pediatric dental exams in Westfield

There isn’t a big difference between a pediatric dental exam and one for an adult, except for the extra gentle care and patience of our Westfield family dentist, Kenneth W. Arida, DDS. Despite the fact that a checkup is nothing to be frightened of, anything unfamiliar may be scary for kids, which is why our staff takes the time to make certain that your child understands what the equipment and instruments are for.

We are often asked when the right time is to first bring a child in to see our Westfield family dentist. As soon as his or her first baby teeth start to erupt, that’s the opportunity to begin the good habit of having her or him get a complete examination and teeth cleaning every six months. It is a crucial part of optimal oral wellness, both now and in the future. After all, those baby teeth, though temporary, serve a very useful purpose. In addition to being necessary for chewing and for speech development, they serve as placeholders for the adult teeth that are coming along later on. If one or more of your child’s teeth have to come out early, due to the effects of dental decay or maybe an infection, the other teeth can shift and create an obstacle for the yet to emerge teeth. If any cavities are detected, they will be filled promptly. And then comes a professional teeth cleaning. Tartar buildup is eliminated, which makes future cavities less likely to occur. But the cleaning also serves to reverse the effects of early stage gum disease.

Our Westfield family dentist looks forward to seeing you and your child very soon. The preventive and proactive benefits of our pediatric dental exams cannot be denied. Contact our office right now to arrange a time for your appointment.

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